The Goravas are the devotees of Mailaara linga. Goravara Kunita is their unique dance form in which they  dance to the beats of the Damaruga and the tunes of the flute in different tempos.

Their costume is animalistic and includes a hat made out of the hairs of bear, a long robe made of a black rug, a necklace worn across the chest is made of cowrie, a bag dangling down the shoulder , a trishul Nagabetta, a damroo in the right hand (Damaruga) and a flute in the left hand. Their customary constume is completed by smearing vibhooti and crimson powder over the forehead.

They play flute and damaruga and start the dance, as the music rises they turn back and forth, go in circles and circle around their hats. When the tempo is at its highest , the dance gains a ferocious nature that can spook the audience.